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How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

You can lose weight while breastfeeding. This is a fact that has been proven by numerous women. However, if you are reading the stories of women who have given birth and tried breastfeeding, there are some who did not experience much weight loss. If anything, they gained weight from it.
One reason why it might cause weight gain instead of weight loss is the fact that it can burn a lot of calories. The production of milk itself will cause you to burn up to 500 calories in one day. When your metabolic process is working like that, you will naturally feel hungry all the time. Hunger is a sign that your metabolism is working. Some people might succumb to food binging and unhealthy eating as a result of this.
If you want to lose weight while breastfeeding, it is vital to combine it with a healthy diet. And when your body has already fully recuperated from baby delivery, you can start doing some simple physical fitness activities.
To help you maximize your chances of losing weight, here are the things you can do:
1. Eat 5 times a day 
Since your metabolic process is working all the time and it is burning more calories even when you are idle, it is better to give it something to burn without ingesting too much. Eat 5 small meals in a day. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of healthy food in small portions. Half of what you normally eat is a good start. Fill it up with greens, proteins such as grilled chicken or baked fish. Eat fibrous carbohydrates as well because you need it for your energy source. Try substituting white rice with brown rice, white bread with whole grain bread and white pasta with whole grain pasta. For your 2 snacks in a day, instead of reaching for that slice of cake, opt for yogurt with dried fruits instead. There are also some healthy snacks you can cook yourself. You just have to be creative about it.
2. Drink lots of water 
If you feel hungry, drink cold water. It will keep your metabolic process busy for quite some time until it is time for you to eat your meals. Also, water will help revive your vital functions. It refreshes you internally and externally. It is advisable to eat at least 1 liter of water per day. If you incorporate a salt-less and starchy carbohydrates-less diet, you can purge excess water easily together with the toxins in your body.
These methods can help you lose weight while breastfeeding easily.

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