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Dieting While Breastfeeding - Not Losing Weight While Breastfeeding Alone

Weight loss after birth is one of the main problems and stressors women experience. Most want to lose baby weight quickly, but find it a struggle adding a diet into their daily regime with a newborn. There is also the added worry that you are affecting your milk supply or the quality of the breast milk you are feeding your baby.
So can you safely diet while breastfeeding? Yes, you can. If you follow a healthy diet plan and get some exercise in, you can safely lose baby weight while continuing to breastfeed without any problems.
However, if you try to lose weight too quickly or go on a crash diet, this will have a negative affect on your breast milk and thus baby. This doesn't mean you cannot lose your baby weight quickly - you can, but you have to be sensible and safe about it. Not to mention if you follow a crash diet you are unlikely to keep the weight off. If you follow a sensible diet plan you will maintain a good weight and keep the excess off for good.
Remember also that breastfeeding will help you burn an extra 500 calories a day - so it is a great help to your weight loss wants. Some mothers however struggle to lose weight even though they are breastfeeding so it is even more important to follow a simple diet and exercise plan.
This is what I did. I found that by finding a diet program to follow, I didn't have to think about whether I was getting enough calories or being healthy because the plan was doing it for me. Also I found a really simple one to follow and this is key for new moms, because you don't want to add an extra hassle to your already hectic life. A baby will inevitably take up a lot of time and energy so you want to get a diet plan that is simple and easy to implement into your daily life.
So you can diet while breastfeeding, you just need to make sure you follow a simple healthy plan and exercise. Start off slowly with exercise and do what you can do - don't push it; you need to give your body time to recover after your new arrival and to embrace motherhood.
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